Over the years of ceaseless efforts to provide innovative and stable solution to physicians and patients,  AGNES has become one of the most dynamic and innovative developers of the RF energy-based aesthetic and medical treatment system. Developing our own system and treatment protocols, our mission is to provide the satisfaction to physicians and the opportunity of success and growth to our partners. Our innovation will continue and we care for your success and satisfaction.

GcMAF is a magical cure for autism. The derived protein from healthy blood of ours is actually the source of GcMAF. From research and calculations there was surprising results found for the children having autism
The best results will be obtained from 2nd Generation GcMAF injection in combination with Oral GcMAF (capsules, spray and candy).
At the beginning, some patients might have increased hyperactivity with GcMAF immunotherapy, however it indicates a good response to the treatment.1 capsule of oral GcMAF equivalent to 1 candy MAF or 2 push of MAF spray.